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A second Glance at “Why I decided to have a family

This article was very kindly written by my husband Gary

People start families for different reasons. For some its due to the convenience that comes with having a family, others its due to the respect they command among their peers, while a bigger majority do not know why they started a family.

Well, I too was taken aback by the question “why did you decide to start a family?”However even after 10 years down into family life I cannot deny that these three reasons influenced my decision on starting a family.


To beat loneliness:

After our marriage in year 2005, just like any other couple, we wanted to have our time together and have children later in life. This was influenced by the fact that I was 24 years old while my wife was 22 years and in her final year in college.

Hence we saw no rush in having children. However after my wife graduated from college and we had it all: good jobs, nice apartments and a handful of friends, some sort of emptiness engulfed our lives. We felt that something was missing.

The fun in the marriage turned into loneliness and there was immediate need to fill this emptiness. That is when we decided to have our firstborn son who would fill in this emptiness. True to our expectations, when this bounty of joy came to our lives, our family was complete and the loneliness was like a tale to us.

Our careers & Our Home

Securing our careers as a couple was on top of the list when we got married. At first we thought that if we postponed having children and a family, this would be a hindrance to career progression. But a few months after my wife and I joined the corporate world and saw how women in their early forties were juggling between childcare and rising up the professional ladder, we decided to start our family early enough to ensure we cut down on the rush.

That is why we have two children, one who is 9 years while the other is turning 6 next year in January. I believe with this pace we will be able to have an edge in career progression.

We both feel entirely blessed with the home we have set up for ourselves and while we have had to go through the painful and challenging experience of moving home 3 times we finally feel settled and contempt.


Image courtesy of change address usps free online


I dreaded bringing my children the way I was brought up. I am not saying that my parents did not take care of me, no, they did. However being a last-born I never enjoyed the love and experiences that my brothers kept telling me (time they spent with my parents).

As I was growing up I wished that my parents were younger, so I could share my experience with them instead of my older siblings. These experiences were projected into my family life. That is why I decided to start a family and start it early, so that I could share each end every moment with my wife and children.

Oh My God I’ve Just Been Looking At My Old Prom Pictures – Strike That Pose!

It was exactly 10 years today since my prom and I still remember it like yesterday. I was just starting a relationship with Gary and we had our first kiss! In memory of the night, I decided to look out my prom pictures which are excellent (massive thanks to for a little trip down memory lane!

In this article I’m not going to share the whole album and give you a detailed description of each image but instead make it useful and describe the best ways you can take that perfect image, so without further a do…….


1. Choose a clean background.

If possible, choose an outdoor setting with some greenery – trees, bushes, aught with green or flowers. Place the subjects various feet in front of the background. If indoors, take a couple of minutes to choose a posing spot and remove any clutter out of the setting. Try to avoid direct sunlight. If you have no option, place the sun after them and off to one side and force the flash to fire.

2. Fall back and zoom

Most cameras have a zoom feature. To compose your picture, you can either zoom out and get near or zoom in and step back. Try the latter. By moving back, you shorten the facial features and create a more attractive image of the subjects’ faces.

3. Stabilize the camera

If you have a platform, use it. If not, try to set the camera on a stable object. The worst possible way to shoot is to hold it out in front of you with two hands. The camera will shift, and the image will be blurry.


4. Know when to flash your subjects

Incase you have an SLR camera with a separate flash, you can recognize bouncing if off of the wall. But indoors, the little camera vision will create a very cheap look and very hard shadows on the wall behind them.

5. Mind the white tension

Most cameras have a white balance assortment. Rather of auto, take the white balance that is suitable for the dominant light source. Outside in the shade.

6. Compose the organizations

If you have many couples, take a couple of shots of each lady in full length, then half. Then get each couple, generally with the man a bit behind the lady and off one shoulder. Have him place his arms around her waist, and you can show him and her flowers as well.

Complete makeover with cabinet resurfacing?


I don’t know about you, but the kitchen is the most important area of our home.

Not just because we love to eat! because it’s a place we congregate, laugh, joke and play.

It’s not surprising, that because we spend so much time in our kitchen it often shows signs of wear and tear.

Me and Gary have become masters at inexpensively restoring our kitchen cabinets with a little cabinet resurfacing

Every time managing it from the scratch and completely doing a makeover becomes little painful and also heavy on the pocket, so a little smart move and a wise decision of working with the idea of cabinet resurfacing works amazingly great.

Cabinet resurfacing is a good solution where we resurface the cabinets. It is attaching, cleaning and maintaining the ply.

It can also be cleaning wooden cabinets of their stain, sanding them down to raw wood, and then finishing them with paint or color. In some cases trimming them, selecting the veneer and re positioning, makes all the difference.

Cabinet resurfacing changes the entire look with half the effort and at a fraction of the cost


It changes the entire look giving it an entirely new one.

Why spend your hard earned money on something which can be easily managed and maintained in half the price. The shelves, cabinets and various other important places in the kitchen can be very well treated with a huge range of color and style to choose from. You can also get to choose from various stylish combinations of wood or laminate.

So, customize your own kitchen and get to see the difference.

Mine & Steve’s Guide To Moving To A New Place!

Relocation can be a beautiful thing as I bet you will be filled with enjoyment and excitement of moving to a new place, a new house which can be in your favorite city or area that you’ve always dreamed of living in.

But even though this is one of the sides that you will most likely feel happy when thinking about it, there are also a few sets of obligations to consider on respecting. First of all, you will need to have all of your belongings packed and carried down to the transportation vehicle that will have them moved to your new location.

This can be very frustrating, and it consumes a lot of time which is not that bright for many people, for the sole fact that we are living in a fast-paced society and time means money.

So, if you think hat you will not be able to cope with the moving, you will need to consider Movers to get a helping hand.


Packing and inventory

As such, before you will get to move in your new home, you will have to have all of your things tagged correctly. This way, you will let the Moving Companies know how to handle them and where they should place them in their truck for better handling.

It would be a good thing if you would start doing some de-cluttering through your stuff. There must be some things that you don’t quite need to take with you. Because of this, you will also have fewer things that you will need to pack to get to your new home and the costs for the handling will also decrease, depending on how much will your cluttering stack up to.

Also, you could get those things that you don’t need auctioned in your garage.

There are many people who will be interested in them, trust me. Of course, maybe you don’t have a garage, yet there are many websites on the internet, like penny auctions where you will be able to get them sold at. After reviewing what, you will take with you in the new home, get all the boxes in a room and estimate how many cubic feet they encompass.

Can you handle it by yourself?

Your final decision should be based on the actual transportation of the goods. Are you going to hire your own van or call on the services of a removal company like Movers and packers . If you cannot afford such a company or you need some extra help, then you will need to get your friends over and just treat them with some beer and burgers and they will help you out, that’s what they’re for, right?

A Delicate Balance:Ambitions,Responsibilities and Dreams


As a mother and a career woman, I have always tried to balance my responsibilities across the board, and to be honest, sometimes I feel weighed down by it all. At the core of it all is the need to be who I want to be-and that is not a mere anecdote in the sands of time as so many women have in the past become.

Research shows than when we start out in life, we are just as ambitious as men. However, over time, life just tends to somehow catch up with us, society places expectations, and we end up falling right into old-fashioned stereotypes.


But that is not how it should be…

My ambition should never die, neither should yours. I have a solid job, a husband and kids and can literally buy any cocktail dress or designer hand bag I like! But that is just a mere slice of the pie-I still want my job, my life and my ambitions to flourish. In a nutshell, I want it all. I want to balance all these things perfectly, because I have tasted accomplishment, and I know just how important it is, not only to me but also to all women out there, to the ones looking up at us, and to the ones that come long afterwards.

The power of ambition


Being ambitious keeps you as a woman on your toes when it comes to where you want to go. It breeds respect from friends and foes alike and boosts your sense of worth. There is not a single reason why we should not stay interested in our careers, families and personal lives. Every day at the work place, I’m reminded just how important it is to be ambitious as a woman. At home, I get to know just how it feels to be in charge, to steer clear of complacency, to break barriers.

Of course, it is not always a bed of roses-it never was-but in order to live our dreams, we must always keep the ember of ambition smouldering.

Celebrating Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary And Still Remembering My Peridot engagement ring

The best thing that ever happened in my life was when Gary was holding a peridot engagement ring on one knee!

I know he went to a lot of trouble selecting the ring because he asked many of my friends for their advice & thoughts (smart boy)


As they become more popular, I thought it would be fitting a wrote a quick guide explaining exactly what they are, sharing some images on what they look like and a little advice on where and how much to buy them for.

When you go shopping for a peridot engagement ring, ensure that you get the rich lily green one. It is considered more durable with a refractive index of 1.69 and a hardness of 7.0.

In most shops around Australia, America, and Europe among others, the best quality peridot engagement ring goes for $40 from places like This compares to the fake peridot engagement rings that go for only $4. Avoid purchasing the white gold peridot rings because the peridot rings are very sensitive to sulfuric compounds.


The greatest news about the peridot engagement ring is that it does not need any renovations to improve its appearance or fill any cracks. The gemstone is always reliable. Therefore, the best peridot engagement rings in the shops have the labels E, O, or F. these varieties do not need any special care unless the gemstone has received its own enhancements.

Whenever you want to undertake leisure activities like swimming, ensure you remove the ring. This is because some water is normally chlorinated and therefore, it can develop scratches.

You may as well be asking why you really need the peridot engagement ring. Most people believe it protects the owner from negative emotions and prevents emotional upsets.

When you wear it, you stay happy always. This explains why coming across a genuine peridot engagement ring is very difficult. Therefore, be careful as you shop for one!

5 Best Face Creams And Facial Moisturizers

I don’t normally write these review type posts and beauty isn’t the bee all and end all for me as you can probably tell by my photos.

Saying that I do generally class myself as a bit of a face cream expert! which is the reason I decided to write this post!

Hope you enjoy and please leave your comments below

Besides having a delicate skin prone to various environmental factors, the face carries most of your beauty. Keeping it moisturised makes it healthy and beautiful, but what products are the best?

Purpose Dual Treatment Moisturizer


If you have that sensitive skin that gets dry often, this moisturiser might be your best solution. It is gentle and will take care of your dry flakes and dryness.

Meladerm Face Creams


Never feel disturbed by the marks and spots on your face because Meladerm face creams can get you an even, attractive complexion within no time. It is a skin lightening product.

Neutrogena Oil-free Moisturizer


This moisturiser with SPF 15 has been a favourite among many people who want to retain that moisture on their face without getting oily and greasy. It is effective in achieving results.

ELF Daily Hydration Moisturizer


This affordable product is famous for its intense hydration ingredients like Shea butter and Jojoba oil that leave your skin healthy and beautiful. It has additional anti-aging ingredients. Dermalogioa UltraCalming Supersensitive ShieldBeing a sunscreen cream containing SPF 30, it protects your skin keeping your face beautiful and healthyMoisturizer

Is Addiction Genetic?

I’m sure this is a topic that some have sadly had to come to battle against. Whether it was a friend, relative, partner helping someone battle addiction is one of the hardest things I’ve every had to do.

In this article I discuss the theory of whether or not addiction is genetic.


The Influence of Genes

Just because addiction is such a complex disease means that scientists have a hard job finding the addiction genes. Environmental factors as well as hereditary factors will influence the likelihood of a person becoming an addict. Not everyone who carries an addictive gene will become and addict and on the converse, not every gene will produce an addict.

Should a gene be damaged in some way, and not work correctly, or not work at all, then health problems and illness are likely to occur. A good example is a gene being unable to make muscle protein. This deficiency will in time cause muscular dystrophy.

About 50% of the risk comes from hereditary factors, but research has shown that while you may have inherited the gene towards drug abuse or alcoholism, you may still go through life without becoming an addict.


Three Factor Theory

It has now been accepted that three things influence addiction and these are genetic, environmental and repeated exposure to drugs or alcohol. Scientists agree that being addicted is not simply a result of desensitised neutral receptors but also long term memories of substance abuse. So while a person may have inherited a gene from his parents, it will be influenced by the other two factors which determine to what extent the gene develops.

Repeated Exposure

Repeated exposure will often increase vulnerability to abuse and this is sometimes overlooked. This also falls under the category of physiological vulnerability and behavioural vulnerability to the substance. There is no single section which determines whether a person will become an addict or not. Repeated deliberate drug usage will play a role in eventually becoming compulsive behaviour in that area.


Environmental Factors

One factor which comes into play here is the availability of drugs and poor family relationships which have been know to lend to this situation. These are chronic stressors which put the brain in a situation where it can cause the brain to literally rewire itself and accept that the situation is correct and acceptable.

In adolescence it has been found that peer pressure combined with high levels of stress and drug availability will mean that younger people are more vulnerable to addiction. In a study done with rats it was found that adolescence is a period of extreme vulnerability due to the circumstances that surround the average young person. Because of the changes which go on in adolescence they are more susceptible to becoming addicted in this vital development stage.

Genetic Factors

One gene – the D2 subtype of Dopamine has been studied extensively . The D2 responds to chemicals n the brain which produce feelings of pleasure. A deficiency of this results in a preference for alcohol and also an increase in consumption of both alcohol and drugs. People with this deficiency may be more likely to lean towards addiction.


While there are many different contributing factor related to addiction, it also appears that there is no single factor which will cause this. All three factors play a part in influencing drug addiction with young people being somewhat more vulnerable than older adults.

Special thanks to House of Recovery – drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida

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